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February 9th, 2015
The website is still dead but I took a bit of my time to update piwigo, since it was getting really dusty. There's still some displaying bugs but I'll fix that someday.
November 22nd 2013
This website may be dead, but it's administrator is still alive ! Maybe it'll come back from the dead one of these days. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy your visit. By the way, I deactivated the comments system on the website since the only ones I get are spam.
November 5th 2011
I finally took time to fix the bugs which appeared since the piwigo script update. Since you're using the english version, at least you dont have the special characters bugs x)
  • Artists

    155 avatars in 10 sub-albums

    Avatars in this category are sorted by the original picture's artist, who can be a famous charadesigner, mangaka or a deviant artist (from DeviantArt).

  • Video Games

    67 avatars in 5 sub-albums

    You'll find here avatars from video games' official artworks or simple fanarts. Each category is about a specific game or a serie of games such as Final Fantasy.

  • Manga & Animes

    55 avatars in 5 sub-albums

    In this category, you will find avatars made from arts found in manga, manwha (corean comics) and asiatic animation.

  • Miscellanous

    45 avatars in 2 sub-albums

    This is the attic of Pretty Dreams. Full of avatars I weren't able to put in other categories, such as sources without a correspondant category, or sourceless avatars (wich is bad), or icons, etc.